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  • Use ? to replace a single character or * to replace any number of characters.
  • Can be used in any field, but not in the first character position. See Journal References tips for exceptions.


  • TeX expressions can be searched, enclosed in single $ characters.


  • Enclose phrases in double quotes for exact matches in title, abstract, and comments.


  • Sorting by announcement date will use the year and month the original version (v1) of the paper was announced.
  • Sorting by submission date will use the year, month and day the latest version of the paper was submitted.

Journal References:

  • If a journal reference search contains a wildcard, matches will be made using wildcard matching as expected. For example, math* will match math, maths, mathematics.
  • If a journal reference search does not contain a wildcard, only exact phrases entered will be matched. For example, math would match math or math and science but not maths or mathematics.
  • All journal reference searches that do not contain a wildcard are literal searches: a search for Physica A will match all papers with journal references containing Physica A, but a search for Physica A, 245 (1997) 181 will only return the paper with journal reference Physica A, 245 (1997) 181.